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lifeisnotragedy in meme_fanfics

Where Love Begins (10/?)

Title: Where Love Begins
Rating: PG-13
Author: lifeisnotragedy
Chapters 10/?
Pairing: Peter/Claire
Spoilers: Season 2 – just know Peter is alive and has been found
Warnings: None
Short Summary: AU. They shared a night of passion before Peter exploded, four months later Claire found out she was pregnant and Peter had been found – with no memory. She decides that it is best not to burden him and leaves. A few months later however, Peter remembers everything but he cannot track Claire down. 16 years later he meets one of his daughters and mistakes her for Claire then he suddenly finds himself back in Claire's life again…
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything…except maybe this computer I’m writing on…
Beta: bubbles91083
Trailer for this story: CHECK OUT THIS AMAZING TRAILER!
Movie posters: one by estrelle_peto , one by phoenix39 , one by me
Authors note: HUGE A/N inside, Xposted everywhere.
Previous chapters: All previous chapters here!

A/N: Credit must be given to a few people who have helped me concerning this fic. estrelle_peto for the amazing poster, trailer and manip! mal_contentum for the amazing banner! bubbles91083 for being my beta. rtwofan for a manip! phoenix39 for the movie poster she made!

CHAPTER DEDICATION: This chapter’s dedication was so not hard to give. It goes out to dana_serenity who read all the chapters in the space of…hmm…a few minutes/half an hour. So big ups to you new friend!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Well not so important note but I wanted to say it anyways. I did post a request at paire_love for someone to help me with writing a sex scene. But, alas, nobody answered the call and I can’t write it so you’ll have to do with out. If there is someone who is willing to write it then I’ll edit this and post you’re part – you will be credited.

Where love begins

Chapter 10

The threat of Adam’s return and the fact that he was aiming at all the people Peter cared about, hung over Peter’s head for days after Nathan left. He didn’t know how he had done it, but he had convinced Claire to let their daughters stay with Bennet for longer – afraid that once Adam knew of Claire and the children it would be war.

Not that it wasn’t already.

Matt and Niki were both dead – killed because they had been close to Peter – and he felt like that would forever be on his shoulders. No matter what would happened in the future – there would be payback for their deaths.

Peter didn’t exactly know what to feel of the situation. Adam had once been a good friend when the Company pushed them together. They’d had dreams together, ideals for what they wanted the world to be like. But on the other hand, Adam had killed to reach the ideals and that didn’t sit well with Peter. Adam wanted to kill everyone. Peter wanted to save them. Then there was him being Claire’s father – their daughter’s grandfather. Certainly he had a right to live because of that – a right to know his grandchildren. Yet Claire held nothing in her heart except hatred for the man who had fathered her.

The whole situation, for lack of a better term, was fucked up.

And Peter was smack bang in the middle of it all.


Claire felt the Texas heat burn her body hotly as she struggled with the grocery bags. Though her daughters were not home, there was still a constant need to buy things. A little pond lay in front of Claire and she didn’t even fight the urge to pull of her shoes.

Seconds later the groceries sat next to her and Claire lazily swung her tired feet in the cooling water. A soft moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of the water lapping against her tired and hot feet.

A strong voice broke through the sweet silence. “I think you have the right idea.”

Claire’s eyes slammed open as she turned towards the man, her cheeks coloring all by themselves. Brown hair, a strong jaw and extremely well built body coupled with eyes that could bore into anything met her gaze and she giggled embarrassedly.

She gave a groan as she turned from him, hiding her embarrassment. “This is so un-lady like,” she moaned.

The man laughed whole heartedly as he sat down next to her, slipping off his shoes and placing his feet in the water. “Un-lady like yes, but I’d say it’s so worth it in the long run.”

Claire turned her head towards him and noticed his enticed grin and closed eyes, obviously in extreme enjoyment of the cool water. She felt her embarrassment disparate as the man seemed intent to embarrass himself more than she had. He hummed a tune she couldn’t quite put a name to and languidly pulled at his constricting tie. Claire watched him as he purposefully ignored her and kept his focus on the water and its cooling abilities. It was because of that – the fact that an extremely handsome guy was not trying to pick her up – that Claire felt mildly interested in finding out his story. Of course it didn’t mean she wanted anything sexual with him – she was blissful with Peter. But if there was one thing that could kill Claire like a cat – it was curiosity.

“I’m Claire – Claire Bennet,” she spoke.

The man opened his eyes, letting his eyes drift towards her. “Nice to meet you Miss Claire. I’m Harper, Shawn Harper.” Harper extended his hand and took her petite hand in his.

Claire giggled softly. “Do you go by Shawn or Harper?” The question seemed stupid and her cheeks colored once again.

“Harper – always Harper,” he stated with a smirk. “I take it you go by Claire?” Her resounding nod was his only answer and he seemed content with it.

“Now aren’t you supposed to be in school, Claire?” Harper joked.

Claire shook her head. “I’m not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult.”

Harper smiled as he closed his eyes, lifting his head up to the sky. “A compliment, always a compliment.”

A long unyielding silence filled the area as they let the water wash over them.

Claire was the first one to break the silence. “So I take it you aren’t from around here…”

Harper smirked, looking down at his clothes before he returned his gaze towards Claire. “Am I that obvious?”

Her resounding laugh filled the air. “No not really. I’ve been in Odessa all my life…” Give or take a few months she added mentally. “And I haven’t seen you once.”

“Clearly it would be extremely hard to forget a face like mine.”

She scoffed. “Ego much?”

“It grows on you.”

She stood unceremoniously, pulling on her sandals as she picked up her groceries, fighting to balance everything on her two small arms. “Sorry that I can’t stay any longer – these groceries won’t carry themselves.”

Harper looked up at her – his eyes conveying something that she couldn’t understand. “What if some handsome, yet extremely nice stranger was to help the lovely lady carry her groceries?”

Naturally after having to save the world from a serial killer like Sylar, the warning bells rang through Claire’s mind. But Claire looked at Harper over and over again until she felt all the bells fade away into nothingness. This man was not Sylar – had shown no signs of being anything but nice – and hadn’t even really made a pass at her. Not really. Plus Peter had been so distant in the past few days that any attention from any source was acceptable. Who knew, Harper could end up being the next Zach or West.

So she smiled gracefully. “That would be lovely.”

Her only answer was Harper’s magnificent smile.


Peter slammed the front door closed with a bang, frustrated by the lack of any evidence that Adam was out there. As expected there would be nothing – Adam was good at covering his tracks – but still Peter thought he knew better than everybody else. Time was ticking away and Adam was out there waiting to strike.

Claire’s cute little laugh filled the house and Peter moved towards the point of origin. He found her in the living room with some unknown man, drinking coffee and laughing generously. Peter’s eyes narrowed as the man looked up at him with a mocking gaze. He couldn’t believe the audacity of the stranger – mocking him in his house. What the hell?

Claire turned towards Peter and gave a bright and pure smile. “Hey Honey! Welcome home.” She motioned to Harper. “Peter, this is Shawn Harper. Harper, this is my boyfriend Peter.”

“Also happens to be the father of her children.”

“Peter!” Her voice held a warning tone to it, but Harper and Peter both seemed untouched by it.

The situation tensed in zero point two seconds. Harper and Peter stared at each other with as much animosity as they could muster. It was clear from the second they’d set eyes on each other it would end horribly. Peter could read Harper’s thoughts – all the thoughts of Claire that only Peter was allowed to think. He heard him imagine her screaming Harper’s name in ecstasy and it made Peter’s blood boil. Naturally Claire didn’t know what was going on under the surface and that made it ten times worse.

“Get out of my house,” Peter growled.

Claire gasped, “Peter!”

Harper seemed unfazed by it all, but stood and made his way to the door. He spared Peter no glance as he gave Claire one last smile and made his way out of the house. The air in the room became thick with tension as Claire stared at Peter, not believing his audacity. Her anger reached its breaking point as she walked over to him and shoved him out of the door.

“Get out of my house!” she shouted.

Peter, taken aback by her reaction, stood fast. “What? Claire you should have heard what he was thinking about you! It was like you’re some kind of conquest!”

It seemed like Claire didn’t want to know anything as she pushed him as hard as she could. “Out of my fucking house!” Without another word she slammed the door closed in his face. “And don’t even think about using your powers to get in!”


Hours later, as Claire lay in the huge bed on her own for the first time since Homecoming, she regretted chasing Peter out. She knew she should have seen it his way or tried to understand. What was worse was that she had yet to hear anything from Peter. Claire lay awake for hours on end, worrying about her love as the darkness of the night covered everything around her.

It was midnight when Peter finally showed his face again.

He snuck into the room with an almost catlike silence, but Claire still heard him. She sat up and stared at him as he sunk down onto the bed. “Peter-“

Peter pressed a finger to her mouth, effectively silencing her. “I’m sorry.”

He said nothing else other than to press a kiss to her mouth, replacing his lonely finger...

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